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From Contactless devices, to Virtual Events and Online Giving pages, TapSimple provides a full suite of fundraising tools to help charities maximise donations.

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We help charities, fundraisers and volunteers raise more, and that's all we do.

TapSimple is proud to be a Trusted Supplier
of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

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Online Giving

Supercharge your next online giving campaign with TapSimple

Best of all it’s free. Want to know more?

Create, customise and brand your Online Giving Page

Label donation buttons for extra engagement

Boost giving with a Live list of donations

Virtual Events

Create, manage and host your next event with TapSimple.

Learn more about Virtual Events

Enable donations during an event

Sell tickets and manage attendees

Integrated video conferencing

The Clip

A uniquely designed phone case with built-in Contactless and Chip & Pin.

Optimise your fundraising with cashless donations in an increasingly cashless world.

Accept up to £50,000 in a single donation

Adjustable clip to fit multiple phones

The App

Free to download app packed with charity focused features.

Unlock the fundraising possibilities of your smartphone.

Enable Gift Aid

Set custom donation amounts

Upload custom screen artwork

The Dash

View results in real-time through your personal portal.

Create campaigns, manage your teams and volunteers, track your donations.

Optimise fundraising performance

Control content across devices

Streamlined Gift Aid & donations management

The TapSimple solution for just £49 per device. No monthly contracts.

Unlock the fundraising potential of your smartphone.

Unlock the fundraising
potential of your smartphone

Gift Aid

Get the most out of your fundraising with our HMRC compliant Gift Aid system - an extra 25%.

Fundraising without limits

Our Contactless functionality is perfect for those quick donations, while our Chip and Pin capability makes it simple to collect higher value donations.

Keep track of donors

Build longer-term relationships with your donors through our contact form.

Fundraise with confidence

TapSimple ensures full payment security and is 100% GDPR compliant.

Fully customisable content

Let your cause shine through with personalised content and campaign imagery.

Define your donations sizes

Create custom donation amounts, tailored to your audience and to individual events - all instantly changeable through your dashboard.

Unlock the fundraising potential of your smartphone

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