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In September 2019,  TapSimple supported The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity with their on-street fundraising as Alex Crump ran on a treadmill for over 26 hours! Volunteers used TapSimple devices to take contactless donations and raised an astounding £11,500.

Useful features for on-street fundraising include:

Engage with potential new donors with personalised charity imagery and messaging. 

Rapid donation feature

Useful for high footfall locations like rush hour tube stations where ‘tap and go’ is the most effective method.

Contact form

Useful when the donor has a couple of minutes to spare, the charity can then follow up with the donor later.

Volunteer management

Each fundraiser will have their own TapSimple login. The charity can set the permissions to control access of what each volunteer can view or edit.

Real-time tracking

Motivate your volunteers with live updates of how much they’ve raised. 

“Just to say a massive thanks to all the team at TapSimple. I thought it was a great success raising over £11,500 through contactless. So glad we could get this partnership in place in such a short timeframe.”

Alex Crump
Event Organiser and Runner

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