2021 is the year for livestream fundraising (and here’s why)

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A few years back we started to hear the term ‘Livestream fundraising’, but what does it actually mean?
Over the past year livestreaming has become an even bigger part of our lives; from online learning, to PE with Joe and even zoom drinks. Livestreaming has never been as widely used as it has been in 2020, and this is why 2021 is the year to kickstart your livestream fundraising.

So today we're going to be demystifying 'livestream', talking about the difference between this and the popular livestreaming event type 'Gaming for good' and finally taking a look at how your charity can get started with this exciting fundraising opportunity.

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Livestream fundraising
1. What is a 'livestream'?

A ‘livestream’ is content that you typically watch online via your laptop or mobile device. Examples of this most recently would be PE with Joe, where he would broadcast (‘stream’) his fitness sessions online via YouTube/Facebook Live (‘streaming platforms’) to an audience watching in real time.

2. What are 'streaming platforms'?

When we talk about 'Streaming platforms', these are simply the sites that broadcast the livestream. Example platforms would be: Facebook Live, YouTube and Twitch (a hugely popular streaming platform amongst the gaming and livestreaming community).

3. What are 'streamers'?

People that livestream are often referred to as ‘streamers’ and usually have a loyal community of people that tune in to watch their content on a regular basis. Many high profile streamers are like celebrities, amassing millions of followers that tune in from all over the world just to watch their stream.

4. Why do people enjoy 'livestreams'?

Livestreams connect the audience and the streamer in real time in a way that we don't see with television. Most streaming platforms have a chat function where the audience can chat in real time with the streamer, making it a truly immersive experience where the audience really gets to know their streamer, creating a deeper connection than just watching an event.

2020 was a breakthrough for supercharging ‘livestream’ fundraising.

Over the last year, many of us have seen our daily lives move online; from online schooling to drinks with friends and family quizzes. 2020 has super charged our move to online, which has really helped widen perceptions around livestreaming and in turn, livestream fundraising.

Generationally, there has been a huge shift from the amount of people that watch live television, most millennials and Gen-Z individuals watch livestreams and on-demand streaming platforms (such as Netflix) more than regular television, so switching to livestream fundraising is a great way to adapt to the changing times for your new audiences.

Prior to 2020, many people found it difficult to see how ‘livestream fundraising’ could be accessible for anyone outside of the millennial or Gen Z demographic, it was online and many people outside of those generations had limited experience with livestreaming. But because of the current climate, the entire population has had to adapt to livestream technology and now having events on places like ‘Zoom’ or ‘Teams’ is commonplace, watching lessons on Facebook Live is standard, so NOW is the time to harness the power of livestream fundraising.

So we’ve taken a look at ‘Livestream fundraising’, what is the difference between this and ‘Gaming for Good’?
What is 'Gaming for good'?

‘Gaming for Good’ is essentially a form of livestream fundraising. Livestream fundraising is the medium and gaming is the category, in the same way you could say ‘Stand up comedy for Good’ or ‘Baking for Good’, the main difference is that gaming already has a huge presence in the charity space with thousands of streamers raising millions for charity through gaming.

So how does ‘Gaming for Good’ work?

There are a few different types of event that someone could be running under the ‘Gaming for Good’ bracket, but essentially the ask is that the gamer/streamer will host a livestream event online, their audience will tune in live to interact with the streamer and watch and the streamer will then ask for donations.

What is 'tipping'?

It’s important to say that ‘tipping’ or ‘donating’ to streamers is commonplace outside of a charity event (especially for gamers), many people tip streamers in exchange for exclusive content or to help support their streamer continue to create content, so to change that ask to donations for charity is actually quite a natural transition.

There are many other ways to incentivise livestream fundraising outside of asking your community for donations, many streamers offer giveaways, meet-and-greets and exclusive content in exchange for donations. 

The great thing about connecting with livestreamers for your charity event is that many streamers already have a network of dedicated supporters and fans, so it enables you to reach new audiences for your cause at the same time as working with really passionate streamers that want to raise money for good.

But livestream fundraising doesn’t start and finish with gaming!

There are so many exciting opportunities for livestream fundraising; from virtual bake-off’s to celebrity meet-and-greets, live Q&A’s to stand up comedy nights. Whether you’re selling tickets or offering prizes in exchange for donations, there are so many opportunities to raise money through livestream fundraising!

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