Engaging older donors: How can we help audiences adapt to the new age of online fundraising?

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All charities will be reevaluating how they fundraise in the age of Covid-19.

Social distancing has created uncertainty around in-person events and many charities will be concerned with the well-being of their older donors and fundraisers.

What are the next steps?

Going forward, charities will need to look at innovative ways of interacting with their more senior audiences. Polling from Statista has shown that the older generation are historically more likely to donate to charity than younger people: over 65s being the most likely to have given to charity within the last four weeks when polled.

Many charities have looked to online fundraising as a new option to engage all ages from the comfort of their own home. Apart from being an exciting way to raise money for great causes, online fundraising has also taken on an important community role. Age UK has said that regular video calling can help alleviate loneliness amongst older people during these difficult times.

If you are going to adopt online fundraising then why not go for a platform which is designed for you?

Unlike Zoom, TapSimple’s free to use Virtual Events and Ticketing platform allows audiences to donate directly via Video Conference or Live Stream and has inbuilt features, like Gift Aid, which helps your fundraising go further.

These types of bespoke online platforms are an exciting alternative to traditional in-person fundraising. The only concern is getting older audiences, who might not be tech savvy, to take part and have fun.

The good news is that many older people have already become acquainted with video calls, especially after the rise of Zoom during the pandemic.

However, here are a few more suggestions for helping the older generation adapt to the new age of online fundraising.

1. Come up with an idea for your Virtual Event.

This could be anything from a virtual cooking lesson, cocktail party or a quiz. A fun or quirky event is a great way to engage audiences of all ages.

2. Use the newsletter

A simple link via a newsletter is a great way to get older audiences onto your online event. It’s familiar, accessible and doesn’t require you to be tech savvy.

3. Bring the Generations Together.

At TapSimple, we have seen that online events that have brought different generations together have been very popular and have helped generate a community spirit.

4. Keep it regular

Scheduling in a regular coffee morning, webinar or pilates session will give your events structure and help boost attendance in the long run.

Using online platforms to our advantage.

In these difficult times charities are looking for innovative ways to engage older audiences. Online platforms are an exciting space to do that. They allow you to engage and fundraise from the comfort and safety of your home and with charity-specific platforms, like Tapsimple, it has never been easier to get started in the new age of online fundraising.

TapSimple is a feel good fundraising platform founded in 2018 by Alexander Coleridge and Tom Montague. The platform’s products include a Virtual Fundraising and Ticketing service, and the Clip, a device that enables contactless and chip & pin donations when paired with the TapSimple app. A proud Trusted Supplier of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, TapSimple makes fundraising accessible for individuals and organisations in the voluntary sector, helping them to manage volunteers, apply Gift Aid and ultimately raise more donations in an increasingly cashless society.

Check out our free Virtual Events and Ticketing Platform at https://tapsimple.org/events/

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