How a small re-design (and a little behavioural science) helped raise more donations

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Newly re-designed donation page? Yes, we’re writing about it, and yes, we really are that excited.

  • Faster donations
  • New streamlined layout
  • Higher donation volume and amounts 
as a result.
  • Give any amount from £1 to £50k in a single donation

Plus a little bit of bonus behavioural science that we thought we’d share.

We’re working from home, we miss the outside world and the globe is in crisis. But we’re staying positive - at least we get to spend some time fine-tuning our system to make it even more efficient for when normal life resumes.

Behold our newly re-designed donation page in all it’s glory:

Every amount can be set and altered by the charity in real-time, and there’s an additional custom button for inputting specific donation requests. Hopefully, you’re already admiring how simple it looks.

But behind the streamlined exterior lies some powerful technology, many months of testing and a desire to help charities raise even more for some of the best causes in the world.

Let’s start with the previous scroll-wheel version (below) - it’s already helped charities of all sizes to raise almost £1m in just a few months via our Contactless and Chip & Pin system.

As you can see, under the old version, fundraisers and donors used to select an amount by swiping across the screen - it looked good and it worked well.

But, we wondered, was there a better way to display amounts to make the process of collecting donations as simple, fast and effective as possible?

Step forward our shiny new v2. By showing everything on one screen, we’ve already cut the average time it takes to choose an amount by 150%, precious extra seconds when fundraising at a busy event.

But there are other advantages too, and this is where the behavioural science is relevant - in particular the concept of “anchoring”. Here’s what we found:

1. The median donation amount increased:

We’re all human and most of us experience the “anchoring” effect day to day - we’re often looking for the reasonable choice and the range of options available affect our decision making. It’s the same with donations. Show us £5, £20, £40 and the majority of us pick £20. This helps explain why the ability to show a range on one screen resulted in a more generous average donation per person. You are inspired to give a little more because of the higher amounts available.

2. Donors are choosing the largest amounts much more frequently than we initially expected:

No one’s going to give £1,000 at a busy tube station right? Or £500 at a church collection? It turns out that yes they will - when people have the chance to choose a much higher amount (perhaps even more than you thought possible), they will surprise you, surprisingly frequently.

Hope you enjoyed this small distraction and stay safe out there.

Team TapSimple

TapSimple Team

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