Hybrid Events: Reconnect in 2021

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Supercharge your post lockdown events!

Are you apprehensive about your special events this year? Well, you're not alone. Across the sector, charities have been racking their brains to figure out how to host their big events in 2021. From Gala Dinners to Carol Concerts, many feel that they have to choose between hosting an in-person event or going fully virtual.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Hybrid Events combine fundraising in a physical venue, with live and interactive audiences online. Charities like BBC Children in Need have been running hybrid events for years; hosting live audiences whilst televising their fundraising campaigns across the country, but they also work well as smaller, more intimate events.

TapSimple’s free to use platform is giving charities of all sizes the chance to host their own hybrid fundraising events this year - making sure that your charity can reach wider audiences and collect more donations than ever!

Supercharge your special events!

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What are the benefits of Hybrid Events?
1. Boost Donations

Hybrid Events give your charity the chance to raise money both in-person and online - helping you unlock more donations than ever!

2. Be Inclusive

Live Streaming gives those who are still shielding or are uncomfortable with attending a physical event the chance to join in and donate to your cause!

3. Reach a Wider Audience

Launching a Virtual Event or an Online Giving Page alongside your physical event will allow your charity to raise donations from audiences across the country.

4. Guarantee your Event

Preparing for a Hybrid Event will give your charity peace of mind - if lockdown resumes, simply move your event online!

What tools do you need for a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid Events don't need to be daunting. From one place, your charity can access all the fundraising tools needed to host a successful hybrid event - with downloadable reports in the dashboard for seamless reconciliation.

Contactless and Chip & Pin donating

Boost your in-person fundraising by using contactless devices to take donations via card, apply gift aid and collect contact details.

Virtual Events

Live Stream your event so that audiences across the world can enjoy, engage and donate to your charity.

Online Giving

Share a branded Online Giving page to help raise donations before, during and after your event!

QR Codes

Each Virtual Event and Online Giving page comes with a QR code which can be shared digitally or printed out onto stickers, posters, mailers, donation buckets and more!


Create tickets for your in-person event and for live stream - bringing ticketing together under one roof.

Hybrid Events are an opportunity to reconnect this year. By putting technology at the heart of your fundraising strategy, your charity can reach more people, raise more donations and make a bigger difference in 2021. 

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