QR Code Fundraising: Our ‘How To’ Guide for Charities

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Charities of all sizes are looking at new ways to fundraise. As cash donations decline, technology is helping charities to boost their donations in an increasingly cashless society.

QR codes have become a popular new way for raising donations. Quick and easy to use, donors can simply scan a TapSimple QR code to take them straight to an Online Giving Page where they can donate.

With the introduction of ‘SmartPay’ technology (Google Pay and Apple Pay) the process for taking donations has become even quicker - the donor doesn’t even need to enter their card details!

Simply Scan
and Donate

What are the benefits of fundraising using QR Codes?

Although QR codes are still relatively new, the public are increasingly familiar with them. Since the start of the pandemic, we have been using them for everything from entering a museum to ordering food at a restaurant.

Zero to Low Cost:

This is a low cost way of fundraising: charities can simply download the QR code for their Online Giving page, print it out and get going. They’re free to share digitally, otherwise the only cost is printing. No brainer!

Turn anything into a Digital Collection Point:

QR codes can be shared online or printed out and attached to pretty much anything - giving your charity maximum visibility.

Ideas for using QR Codes:

QR Codes can be shared online or printed out, which means it has never been easier to bring donors to your Online Giving Page.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for sharing QR codes:

Cover Photos

Make sure you add a QR code to your charity’s social media page.


If your charity has created a video, then adding a QR code can help viewers to easily donate.


Add a QR code to your mailers or newsletters to bring your supporters to an Online Giving Page.


Create QR code posters for your charity shops or corporate partners.

Donation Buckets

QR codes can be turned into stickers that can be added to Donation Buckets.

Charity Stands

Make sure to add a QR code to your charity stand at your next event.

Social Media

Post QR codes on your social media or add them into shareable content, and encourage your supporters to share!


If your charity is promoting in a local newspaper, then a QR code will help direct audiences to your Online Giving Page.

TapSimple helps charities raise more donations in an increasingly cashless world. Our first product allows fundraisers to unlock the fundraising potential of their smartphone with built-in Contactless and Chip & Pin, and the ability to enable Gift Aid on donations.

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Unlock the fundraising potential of your smartphone

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