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What is Group Reporting?

We are always looking at new ways we can provide value to our charity clients. The goal is often to both optimise fundraising by bringing in more donations whilst improving the reconciliation process.

As we began to work with some larger charities, we quickly realised that they had more sophisticated reporting requirements. Reporting by organisation worked for less complicated charities who had only a few fundraising events per year from which donations would be taken by one team, directed at one cause into one bank account.

‘Group Reporting’ allows a charity to dig a little deeper...

‘Group Reporting’ allows a charity to dig a little deeper and report by individual team, fundraising group, regional office, corporate partner, volunteer or campaign. It allows organisations to see exactly how much an individual ‘group’ has raised whilst still retaining a ‘top level’ overview of all the charities’ donations in a given period.

How does it work and why did we develop it?

Within a charities’ TapSimple dashboard they now have the ability to set up individual groups (teams, regional offices, churches etc.) who themselves will have ownership over their own dashboard and reporting. This means that each group can, for example, set up appeals or campaigns, manage volunteers and fundraisers and connect with their donor base. Importantly the charities’ HQ will continue to be able to report on the entire organisation and the groups within it.

Like all our products and enhancements - we designed and developed this system hand in hand with our charity partners, and in this case with Christian Aid.

Christian Aid have over 1,000 church fundraising groups across the country all of which are active in their fundraising for the charity, church and community. We are lucky to support a large proportion of their fundraising and it was necessary for us to upgrade our reporting to enable Christian Aid to drill down and report by each individual fundraising group / church.

This way of reporting has now been used by many of our other charity partners, for whom it is important to be able to differentiate between different parts of the organisation. It allows corporate partners to monitor their efforts in real time as well as making it easy for regional offices to allocate administrative costs.

What’s next?

Review and improve!

We rely on customer feedback to help inform our roadmap and during this period of inactivity we are spending even more time refining and developing our offering. Like any other organisation charities have ambitious income targets and it is up to us to make sure we are there to support them in achieving this. Working closely with a range of roles within a charity, from finance director to volunteer helps us smooth the process of both collecting and accounting for donations.

Tom Montague

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