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Virtual Events have seen a boom in popularity as charities and their supporters have looked to new ways of raising awareness and donations for fantastic causes. TapSimple’s free to use platform has allowed charities of all sizes to host Live Streams and Video Conferences - complete with donations buttons, fundraising thermometers, live donor lists and more!

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What is the best format for my Virtual Event?

Great for smaller Community Events where audience members can see and interact with one another on screen. 

Perfect for larger Special Events, this format allows your charity to reach an unlimited audience online.

Ideas for Virtual Events

Need some inspiration? We’ve helped charities with a great range of virtual events (from tiny coffee mornings to celebrity appeals) and are happy to share some guidance on what has worked well. Here are just some of our favourite ideas for virtual events:

Quiz Night (Video Conference)

Get competitive with a virtual quiz night. They’re fun, easy to plan and extremely popular - let's get started!

Carol Concert (Live Stream)

Bring some festive cheer into your fundraising with a virtual carol concert for your supporters this Christmas.

Wine Tasting (Video Conference)

Come together for an evening of wine tasting and nibbles - perfect for wine buffs and novices alike!

Gala Dinner (Live Stream)

Bring your donors together from around the world for an evening of live performances, raffles and good company!

Virtual Danceathon (Video Conference)

Get on your dancing shoes for this high-energy fundraising challenge - the longer you dance, the more you raise!

Virtual Cook-Along (Live Stream)

Join a virtual cook-along to learn a new skill or recipe - great for all ages!

Virtual Events: Top Tips

Virtual Events don’t have to be daunting. Our team of charity experts are on hand to provide support and advice to charities of all sizes. From our experience helping charities fundraise, we have compiled a list of top tips for running a successful virtual event: 

1. Set-Up in Advance

Set-up an event page and sell tickets in advance to give yourself the opportunity to run a dress rehearsal before the big night!

2. Consider Using Pre-Recorded Content

Using pre-recorded content - for example, a video outlining your charity’s work - is great for engagement, and takes the stress out of a fully live event.

3. Remind your audience to donate!

This is an important one! During your event, schedule points where your charity appeals to the audience to contribute using our built-in donation buttons.

4. Label Your Donation Amounts

Let your audience know where their donation is going by adding a title and description to each donation button.

5. Add a Fundraising Thermometer

Add a fundraising thermometer above your event to incentivise donors to make sure you reach your fundraising target.

6. Don’t Forget Gift Aid!

Let your audience know that they can add Gift Aid to their donations so your charity can benefit from an extra 25% on every contribution.

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