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giving campaign with TapSimple

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How it works

Create, customise and brand
your Online Giving Page

Share an Online Giving Link with your supporters, friends, families and colleagues

Collect donations, Gift Aid
and contact details

Why is this important?

As cash declines, charities need to maximise donor engagement

Unlock the fundraising potential of nationwide or global campaigns

Create campaigns at your charity HQ or empower your supporters to set up their own

Create, customise and brand your Online Giving Page

With the TapSimple Platform, you can create, customise and brand your Online Giving page.

Label Donation Buttons

Brand with Charity Logo, Colours and Description

Set Fundraising targets to engage supporters

Customise imagery

Change the Value of pre-set Donation Buttons

Link to additional resources

Share your
Giving Link

TapSimple’s Online Giving pages generate a unique link that can be easily shared - it has never been easier to direct people to give.

Share your giving link via:

Social media



Everybody can
get involved!

Online Giving is a fantastic opportunity for your charity and supporters to launch fundraising campaigns.

This could include:



Sporting challenges

The Dashboard

All our services integrate directly into your Dashboard and other TapSimple products

Manage contact database

Download reports

Optimise campaigns

Virtual Event

Create, manage and host your next event with TapSimple.

Learn more about Virtual Events

Enable donations during an event

Sell tickets and manage attendees

Integrated video conferencing

Unlock the fundraising potential of your smartphone

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